rose, burgundy red peonies and whimsical pink jasmine wedding bouquet

Top 10 Burgundy Wedding Ideas 2017

Have you fixed your 2017 wedding colors? If not, how about choosing burgundy or marsala as the main color of your wedding? No matter what theme of your wedding is, it would be a good choice to make your day brilliant. Some blush touch combined with this deep color would do great for your spring Continue reading

elegant blush gold fall wedding color inspiration

Trendy Fall Blush And Gold Wedding Inspiration

What will be hot in this fall? One answer must be the blush & gold color pallete. This color combination will spice up the fall day and is also perfect for weddings held in historic cities. If you’re planning a Autumn wedding, you don’t want to miss the gorgeous inspiration I’m sharing here. Simple Elegant Style Credit: Continue reading

Gray Marble Two Tiers Wedding Cake

Top 25 Chic Wedding Cake Ideas

As a bride-to-be, what kind of style do you prefer when it comes to wedding cakes? Lace, flower or geode? Classic, whimsical or unusual? These are a lot of incredible wedding cake styles to choose from when you don’t have something specific in mind. You might get lost in the cake shop. Well, get inspired on the Continue reading

White Chiffon And Lace Mismatch Bridesmaid Dresses For Boho Woodland Wedding

40 Chic Boho Woodland Wedding Ideas

If you want a romantic boho wedding, you can hold it in a woodland to  make it be more mystical and fabulous. Imagine the picture of your wedding day which is full of charming boho dresses, aromatic flowers and greenery moss. How romantic it would be. If you want something different, you can also choose some Continue reading

boho forest woodland wedding bridesmad dress ideas

25 Inspired Ideas for Modern Woodland Weddings

As the name inspires, a woodland wedding would be held in the woods or can be incorporated with natural elements such as moss and ferns. Sometimes, it is also called a Forest Wedding. If you are looking for ideas to make your childhood fairy tale dream come true in your wedding day, the woodland themed Continue reading

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